U.S. Beacon January 6, 2014

Penfield, PA

Clearfield County, Pennsylvania

Latitude: 41.201892     Longitude: -78.563353
Population 1,457 (2000)
PENFIELD is located in CLEARFIELD county, Pennsylvania at latitude 41.201892 and longitude -78.563353. The population of PENFIELD is 1,457 as of the year 2000. The most common zip code of PENFIELD is 15849.

Population 2000: 1,457 (2000 Zip Code Based Est.)

Housing Units: 1,000 (2000 Zip Code Based Est.)
Land Area: 63.3408 square miles
Water Area: 0.0286 square miles

Most populous zip code: 15849

Cities & Towns nearby Penfield

Force, PA 4.8mi NE
Byrnedale, PA 7mi NNE
Treasure Lake, PA 8.5mi WSW
Rockton, PA 8.9mi SSW
Brockport, PA 8.9mi WNW
Weedville, PA 8.9mi NE
Kersey, PA 9.7mi NNW
Du Bois, PA 10.9mi WSW
Dubois, PA 11.8mi WSW
Brockway, PA 12.3mi WNW

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