U.S. Beacon January 6, 2014

Ruby Valley, NV

Elko County, Nevada

Latitude: 40.453542     Longitude: -115.332579
Population 180 (2000)
RUBY VALLEY is located in ELKO county, Nevada at latitude 40.453542 and longitude -115.332579. The population of RUBY VALLEY is 180 as of the year 2000. The most common zip code of RUBY VALLEY is 89833.

Population 2000: 180 (2000 Zip Code Based Est.)

Housing Units: 188 (2000 Zip Code Based Est.)
Land Area: 483.2410 square miles
Water Area: 7.2229 square miles

Most populous zip code: 89833

Cities & Towns nearby Ruby Valley

Spring Creek, NV 24.4mi NW
Lamoille, NV 24.5mi NNW
Elko, NV 34.9mi NW
Halleck, NV 40mi N
Carlin, NV 44.7mi WNW
Wells, NV 49.2mi NNE

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