U.S. Beacon January 6, 2014

Welchs Creek, KY

Butler County, Kentucky

Latitude: 37.311676     Longitude: -86.529139
Population 206 (2000)
WELCHS CREEK is located in BUTLER county, Kentucky at latitude 37.311676 and longitude -86.529139. The population of WELCHS CREEK is 206 as of the year 2000. The most common zip code of WELCHS CREEK is 42287.

Population 2000: 206 (2000 Zip Code Based Est.)

Housing Units: 104 (2000 Zip Code Based Est.)
Land Area: 12.8283 square miles

Most populous zip code: 42287

Cities & Towns nearby Welchs Creek

Roundhill, KY 7.8mi SE
Caneyville, KY 8.2mi NNE
Woodbury, KY 10.7mi SSW
Morgantown, KY 11mi SW
Millwood, KY 11.4mi NE
Horse Branch, KY 11.4mi NW
Cromwell, KY 13.3mi WNW
Sweeden, KY 14.2mi E
Bee Spring, KY 14.5mi E
Rosine, KY 15mi NW

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