U.S. Beacon January 6, 2014

Bowling Green, IN

Clay County, Indiana

Latitude: 39.360169     Longitude: -86.993538
Population 953 (2000)
BOWLING GREEN is located in CLAY county, Indiana at latitude 39.360169 and longitude -86.993538. The population of BOWLING GREEN is 953 as of the year 2000. The most common zip code of BOWLING GREEN is 47833.

Population 2000: 953 (2000 Zip Code Based Est.)

Housing Units: 403 (2000 Zip Code Based Est.)
Land Area: 35.0477 square miles

Most populous zip code: 47833

Cities & Towns nearby Bowling Green

Patricksburg, IN 4mi SSE
Centerpoint, IN 5.1mi NW
Center Point, IN 5.9mi NW
Poland, IN 6.2mi NE
Clay City, IN 8.6mi SW
Coal City, IN 9.1mi SSW
Freedom, IN 10.3mi SSE
Cory, IN 11.3mi W
Reelsville, IN 11.5mi N
Knightsville, IN 12.6mi NNW

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