U.S. Beacon January 6, 2014

Downieville, CA

Sierra County, California

Latitude: 39.567001     Longitude: -120.838408
Population 391 (2000)
DOWNIEVILLE is located in SIERRA county, California at latitude 39.567001 and longitude -120.838408. The population of DOWNIEVILLE is 391 as of the year 2000. The most common zip code of DOWNIEVILLE is 95936.

Population 2000: 391 (2000 Zip Code Based Est.)

Housing Units: 291 (2000 Zip Code Based Est.)
Land Area: 63.1442 square miles

Most populous zip code: 95936

Cities & Towns nearby Downieville

Goodyears Bar, CA 2.9mi WSW
Alleghany, CA 7mi S
Sierra City, CA 11.1mi ENE
La Porte, CA 11.1mi NW
Little Grass Valley, CA 12.7mi NW
Strawberry Valley, CA 13.3mi W
Camptonville, CA 14.2mi WSW
Clipper Mills, CA 15.6mi W
Washington, CA 15.9mi S
Johnsville, CA 16.6mi NNE

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